New York Comedy Festival / 360 Campaign

Our great friends at TBS secured exclusive partnership with the fine folks behind the 2017 New York Comedy Festival. In turn, we were honored as TBS selected Thornberg & Forester to design and develop a full 360 campaign for the amazing festival. The annual event is one jam-packed week that presents over 200 comedians and hosts 60 shows at multiple, historic venues right in our back yard. Our initial task was to conceive a broad range of treatments and themes to demonstrate a myriad of thought-provoking solutions that could become the branded voice to elevate and package this amazing event. We jumped at the challenge and presented six independent looks before landing on the final design, of which, nods to the unmistakable motif and language of jetting around the city in New York fashion.

The winning concept is a wonderful mix of artful curation and strong, bold, classic typographic structure inspired by the immortal beauty of Massimo Vignelli’s work for the MTA. Deliverables included poster systems, event line-ups, taxi-tops, event badges, passes, app icons and unique marketing ideas such as subway Metro card advertising.

In addition to crafting a host of print, digital and marketing material, we also designed and produced a full on-air animation toolkit. Our team had a ton of fun testing and developing special animation nuances and behaviors based on the integrity of our NYCF OOH system. We engineered a super user-friendly toolkit to maximize workflow efficiency, while maintaining failsafe system design integrity, for the on-air team at TBS.