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We’d like to extend a very special thank you to our friends at Charter for their continued support and for being fantastic creative allies.

Spectrum Originals is the brand new premier destination for premium original series available exclusively to Spectrum video subscribers on-demand and ad-free. Having recently wrapped two major campaigns for Spectrum and Spectrum Mobile, T&F was selected to design, produce, and create the mnemonic for the Spectrum Originals brand ID. Provided with the logo, it became our task to innovate ways to express the ethos of the Spectrum brand through a cinematic lens.

In addition to leveraging the qualities we developed for the Spectrum symbol within our Spectrum Brand, Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum Mobile digital OOH campaign for L.A. Live, we presented five fresh ways to graphically tell the Spectrum Originals story. This initial exercise helped to support the fact that evolving the architectural traits we previously developed was the most logical solution for the brand. Rather than utilizing the previous opaque, blue material, we applied a highly reflective, crystal-like quality to the Spectrum symbol. As prior, the deconstructed tiers of the Spectrum symbol align over time to create a warm blue glow activation. Through the crystal material, we see a controlled variance in light, color values, transparency and texture, nodding to the qualities of filmmaking and a director’s point of view.

Runner-up concepts included attributes such as reflection, diffraction, and directional kinetic energy. Exploration of light and dark was key as well to find the correct temperature and color space in which the Spectrum Originals sequence should live. Ultimately we landed in a blue on blue world in which all elements, letterforms, and Spectrum symbol exist as dimensional crystal structures.

Though our final product is completely CG, we felt it necessary for the brand ID to feel practical and photoreal. Our artists worked very carefully to ensure every pixel was perfect, and that light would behave in an organic and convincing manner, all while remaining on brand. As opposed to gratuitous motion graphic animation, we felt there would be far more power in the simplicity of one single camera move.

As our motion exploration progressed, we defined the starting altitudes of the multiple symbol tiers and timed them accordingly to align at the perfect moment for the Spectrum light activation to occur relative to camera. Once we landed on a most effective camera move and ideal degree of animation, we engaged film score composer and sound designer Joel Pickard to craft an amazing mnemonic for Spectrum Originals. After months of audio and visual refinement, we delivered three Spectrum Originals brand IDs; seven, five, and three-second durations.

T&F was also tapped to design and produce the Spectrum Originals promo package. The task was to build upon the equity of our multifaceted, crystal Spectrum Brand ID and to design a lush, dimensional, and modular system to showcase pre-launch and post-launch scripts. The system would become the universal foundation for the Spectrum brand to house all future Spectrum Originals series. We were also engaged to edit a full 12-episode season of promos for the first Spectrum Originals series; the Sony and Bruckheimer-produced drama “L.A.’s Finest,” starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. Edits included a :60, :30, and :15 for each script, were conformed with the T&F-designed package, mixed by Nylon Studios and rolled out on a weekly basis. We are currently working on promos for the next exciting Spectrum Originals series. Keep your eyes peeled!