DFINITY Explainer Film

“Could not be more pleased with the explainer film Thornberg & Forester recently created for the DFINITY project and their communication throughout the process. Their clarity of vision led to a first iteration that was remarkably close to our finished product, limiting the number of feedback iterations needed to make the project a success. Responsive. Professional. Timely. Would highly recommend Thornberg & Forester for anybody with creative and digital media needs and would gladly work with the team again.”

– Head of Operations, DFINITY


DFINITY is a decentralized cloud-driven, blockchain computer providing new technologies with unlimited capacity for businesses and innovators around the world. Innovations include open governance using a “Blockchain Nervous System”, private chains with smart contracts that can directly call into contracts on the public chain and third generation crypto and protocols that create a 20X faster virtual machine and provide a roadmap to infinite scalability.

The great people of DFINITY engaged Thornberg & Forester to write, design and produce an animated explainer film to introduce their exciting, new product and to demonstrate how it works.

Their clarity of vision led to a first iteration that was remarkably close to our finished product…

Our process began with education. T&F creatives and copywriters learned the complexities and nuances of this new technology by working very closely with DFINITY leaders. This close collaboration armed us to build informed, creative solutions to support the message.

Our process continued with developing the design and brand voice for DFINITY. We presented six initial treatments, and, shortly thereafter, landed on the unanimous winner. Our designers continued to evolve the winning look as our animation team began to test elements in motion and study animation behavior. Weeks later, as picture firmed up, we engaged Seattle-based composer Joel Pickard to create a wonderful, custom score. Joel was also responsible for sound design and final mix.